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Sri Lanka Unites – Expo Milano 2015

( Posted on April 1, 2015 )

                                                                          Expo Milano Promotional Hoarding 

In an historic development a multitude of ministries got together under one umbrella based on a cabinet decision for Sri Lanka, to be present at the words greatest event next to the Olympics expo 2015 ti be started in Milan, Italy. The cabinet tasked the Tourist Board to champion the event partnering the Sri Lanka export development in partnership with Sri Lanka tea board, national craft council, Sri Lankan airlines and Board of Invistment.


                                                                             Audience at the press conference 

                                               Expo Milano Organising team with Minister Navin Dissanayake


The focal point the Minister for Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathuideen appointed Rohantha Athukorala to be the Commissioner General for Sri Lanka at Expo 2015 with a core team from across the agencies in a historic move.


                                                Hon Minister Rishard Baddudeen addressing the gathering


The Minister for Tourism and Sports Navin Dissananayake said that it is time that we understand the financial and power blocs and learn to work with everyone across the world. In this respect the EU is key and it is paramount that we build strong relationships that Expo 2015 will be an ideal platform to launch this initiative. We are extremely pleased that all agencies are coming together under one umbrella to build brand Sri Lanka he said.


                                                   Hon Minister Navin Dissanayake at the press conference 


The Commissioner General for Expo 2015 said that the investment made will always follow government procedure and we will together be accountable to measure the impact. The 6 month event will be structured to 6 themes which will tell the world Sri Lanka promise. On Tourism it will be '8 wonderful experiences in 8 wonderful days".  He said that in 2014 we had 23 million people who googled Sri Lanka tourism related searches and we ended with a conversion of 1.5 million visiting Sri Lanka.


                                                      Head Table Representatives at the press conference 

                                                            H.E. The Ambassador of Italy in Sri Lanka 


Expo 2015 alone will reach 20 million people hands on and 1 billion via digital and overall media explosion which means that we can double the awareness. Now in the next 6 months we will work on inking a agreement with a large tour operator from Italy so that we can attract charter tourists into Sri Lanka. The good news is that this partnership is already in the system with top blue chip company. If we can conclude this partnership then we have a head start to expo 2015 said Athukorala who is also the chairman of Sri Lanka tourism bureau.


               Dr. Rohantha Athukorala - Chairman of Sri Lanka Tourism and Commissioner General for Expo Milano 2015

                                                                             addressing the gathering 


                                                                 EDB Chairman adressing the gathering 

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