go on a Couch Safari
Into Nature's Cradle!
Explore the natural wonder of Sri Lanka’s national parks. Step into the breathtaking plains and lush jungles of the island without moving from the comfort of your sitting room. The multicoloured wilds of Sri Lanka are completely free to stream from wherever in the world you are.
Four National Parks
Immersive Wildlife Experience
Adventure in the comfort of your home
Witness Endemic Wildlife
Revolutionary Tour Concept
Sustainable Initiative
Sri Lanka Wildlife Streaming
An Enticing Travel Experience!
Settle in and relax – let us take you on a journey through the surreal lands of Sri Lanka dressed in veils of lush greenery. On your journey, listen to the sweet melodies of songbirds and witness the playful antics of primates. The wandering elephants and the elusive leopard perfectly camouflaged in the undergrowth are to keep an eye out for!
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A Surreal Experience!
With the aid of state of the art live streaming technology, we offer you a well-curated virtual wildlife expedition that lets you take in a rich and vibrant wildlife adventure from the comfort of your home - being surprisingly close to the real deal! Choose your journey from four of Sri Lanka’s pristine and eclectic wildlife sanctuaries namely, Yala, Udawalawa, Kaudulla and Minneriya national parks and embark on a thrilling yet enticing excursion to discover the secrets of mother nature!