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Korean Media Personnel Highlights Sri Lanka as a must visit Tourist destination

( Posted on April 18, 2023 )

Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, in collaboration with the Embassy of Sri Lanka in the Republic of Korea and Sri Lankan Airlines, hosted a Media FAM Tour for 7 journalists belonging to 6 Media houses, namely BTN TV (Buddhist Television Network) , BBS TV ( Buddhist Broadcasting System ) , Arirang TV , Hyundai Bulgyo Newspaper, Beopeo Newspaper Bulgyo newspaper ) .Overall ,  the group consisted of 3 TV Channels and 3 Newspaper publications. The Media FAM Tour started from the 30th of March to 4th April 2023. The main purpose of this tour was to focus on the Sri Lankan tourist attractions with special emphasis on Buddhist attractions since there is an increasing interest from the Buddhist population in the Republic of Korea to explore Buddhist sites in overseas destinations, especially in South Asia, mainly considering the emerging market to create awareness of Sri Lanka Tourism among the Korean high –end travelers. The crew was accompanied by SLTPB officials and also Mr.Justin Hong , -Deputy General Manager ,Sri Lankan Airlines , GSA Korea , who facilitated and represented Sri Lankan Airlines on the tour.


Being welcomed by the TIC officials


Being welcomed by the Tourist Information Center Officials at the BIA


Having a discussion with Chairman , SLTPB , Mr.Chalaka Gajabahu

At the Mirissa Coconut Hill


The Media crew also focused on the Sri Lankan culture, heritage, cuisine, Wildlife and nature. They travelled to areas such as Galle, Ella , Nuwaraeliya, Kandy , Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Dambulla, and Colombo . All these locations were filmed with a few interviews included at some places. Several interviews were done at the Nelligala International Buddhist Center, Dalada Maligawa, Alu Viharaya, Matale, Ruwanweli Maha seya and Sri Maha Bodhi, along with a special interview with Mr.Chalaka Gajabahu ,  Chairman, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau.


At the Galle Dutch Fort

An exclusive shot of Stilt fishing

Galle Fort Street food

Galle Fort

Taking a photo of the Galle Clock Tower

Filming  Ravana Ella


Mentioning about the Media houses which were represented on this tour, the group consisted of 3 TV channels, namely BTN (Buddhist Television Network) which is one of the two major Buddhist TV channels operated in South Korea. Being both online and in printed version, and it caters to a viewership of 20 million. It also had BBS TV  (Buddhist Broadcasting System)which  is a radio channel with  a 2 million viewership. The other channel was Arirang TV ,   directly connected to promoting Buddhism and Culture in Korea. It provides information on Korean current events, Culture, and history to the region around Korea.


The Media was also represented by 3 Newspapers including Hyundai Bulgo, which has a readership of 80,000 each month, published both online and printed formats, Beopeo , another publication which publishes a z4 page newspaper every day, and the   Bulgyo newspaper, which is one of the oldest Buddhist newspapers in Korea, published in both print and online every Thursday.


The Korean Media team was immensely mesmerized with the experience which they received by visiting all these Sri Lankan tourist attractions, and savoring the taste of the traditional Sri Lankan cuisine which tantalized their taste buds, while on a Dambulla village tour. One of the locations which attracted them most was the Galle Dutch fort, with its historic and cultural value. They also enjoyed the Galle fort street food, which was During their tour they also had the opportunity of visiting the SLTPB premises and meeting up with the top management there, including Chairman, SLTPB , Mr. Chalaka Gajabahu , and Ms. Padma Siriwardana , Managing Director , SLTPB . They also visited attractions such as Sandathenna moonplace Nuwaraeliya, Heritance Kandalama , Mirissa Coconut hill , and also enjoying a boat safari at  Gregory park Nuwaraeliya. All these experiences gave them insight of Sri Lanka’s world renowned hospitality, it’s iconic tourist locations, and also it’s endless travel opportunities. They also engaged in religious observances at the Ruwanweliseya , and Matale Aluviharaya. Since Korea has similar cultural and religious aspects as Sri Lanka, these visits were considered as highly important to these journalists, who were able to gain some valuable information regarding Sri Lanka’s Buddhist values and principles.


Going on a Nuwaraeliya Sadathenna Park

Sandathnna Moonplace - Nuwaraeliya

Damro Tea estate Nuwaraeliya

Damro Tea estate Nuwaraeliya

In front of the Temple of the Sacred tooth relic


Through Media personnel like these who address mass communities, the positive message about Sri Lanka being safe and open to any traveler who wishes to have an interesting and amazing experience will spread and encourage more tourists to visit Sri Lanka, especially from the East Asian countries such as these. 


Ruwan weli Maha Seya

Viharadhikari of Ruwanweliseya Temple and the Chancellor of the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka Ven. Eethalawetunuwewe Gnanathilaka Thero, handing over a sovenier to one of the journalists

At the meeting with the Viharadhikari of Ruwanweliseya Temple and the Chancellor of the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka Ven. Eethalawetunuwewe Gnanathilaka Thero

Interviewing Anuradhapura Atamasthanadipathi and Chief Sanghanayake of Nuwara Kalaviya Most Ven. Pallegama Hemarathana thero

At Sigiriya

At Dambulla Cave temple

Dambulla village tour

On a visit to the Dambulla Cave temple

At the Ministry of Crab

The Korean Media Crew at the SLTPB  with Mr.Chalaka Gajabahu , Chairman SLTPB , and Ms. Padma Siriwardana ,MD ,SLTPB and other officialsHeritance Kandalama

Enjoying the traditional cuisine

The Korean Media Crew at the SLTPB  with Mr.Chalaka Gajabahu , Chairman SLTPB , and Ms. Padma Siriwardana ,MD ,SLTPB and other officials

Recieving souveniers at the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau

Recieving a sovenier from Mr.Dushan Wickramasuriya, Director Marketing , SLTPB

Recieving a souvenier from Mr. Prasad Daluwatte , Director Events , SLTPB

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