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Popular Couch Safari Back with Wilpattu National Park

( Posted on September 22, 2021 )

Sri Lanka Tourism will be launching the second installment of the Couch Safari series with the live streaming of Wilpattu National Park to a global audience. The Tourism Authorities have been stratgically positioning the Island as a destination offering a multitude of immersive experiences and the introduction of the “virtual safaris’ initiative showcasing awe-inspiring National parks has helped keep the dream alive. The next ‘Go on a Couch Safari’ event, conceptualised by Sri Lanka Tourism, Department of Wildlife and Conservation together with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Gmb is scheduled for the for the 24 th of September 2021 4.00 PM- 5.00 PM IST (+5.30 GMT) and the second live streaming will take place on the 26 th of September 2021 7.30 AM -8.30- AM IST (+5.30 GMT).


The ‘Go on a Couch Safari’ initiative gives locals and enthusiasts from around the world the opportunity to explore and experience the countless natural wonders of Sri Lanka’s national parks. The live stream is offered as a complimentary experience and is an initiative to display the island’s many diverse and often hidden facets to the world. The upcoming Couch Safari to the Wilpattu National Park will take visitors on a unique adventure deep into the heart of Wilpattu. It is also the perfect time of year to witness the expansive nature reserve and all the exciting attractions it has to offer. The journey will be moderated by an expert guide, offering viewers in- depth commentary of events as they unfold. The interactive session will also give wildlife enthusiasts the opportunity to ask questions and comment in real-time. The project also aims to improve Wilpattu National Park's management capacity with emphasis on the Park Operations, Environmental and Visitor Use Programmes, in technical and specialist terms, in support of the Wilpattu National Park Management Plan (2019-2024).


“The Couch Safari series featuring Yala was an unprecedented success, creating 22 million impressions, over 1.7 million video views and over 40,000 clicks attracting rave reviews and widespread coverage by international media. We are now back with yet another installment of this virtual series and this time around we visit Wilpattu, for an expertly guided tour that promises to be even better than the first edition. At a time when in-person tourism is at an all- time low, these creative outings leverage the latest technology and offer an amazing snapshot of Sri Lanka to the world. This is an important part of our strategy for keeping the island visible. Ensuring it remains a high priority destination for high-value visitors when borders open and travel resumes”, commented, Ms.Kimarli Fernando, Chairperson, Sri Lanka Tourism.


‘Go on a Couch Safari’ is one of the many efforts by Sri Lanka Tourism to promote the island as a unique destination to an exclusive clientele hankering for an awe-inspiring vacation. With the island currently enjoying a larger media presence and digital footprint than ever before, these efforts elevate Sri Lanka as a destination. A virtual event of this scale allows for a wider global audience allowing participants to be treated to an in-depth journey that is as immersive and informative, as it is interactive. As the series continues to gain popularity, many more ‘Couch Safaris’ have been planned for the future and will treat viewers to a different dimension of Sri Lanka that deserves to be experienced.



Ms. Kimarli Fernando , Chairperson , Sri Lanka Tourism






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