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Creating awareness on Sri Lanka about the current situation (Q & A)

( Posted on April 26, 2019 )

What areas in Sri Lanka are affected by the terror attacks?

3 cities Negombo, Batticaloa and Colombo were affected by the terror attacks.

Was the attack targeting tourists’?

No, this is an unprecedented act of terrorism perpetrated against Sri Lanka with specific explosions at 3 churches, 3 hotels, one guest house and a housing complex

Are hotels in Sri Lanka closed?

No, all our hotels and resorts are open as usual – please contact your travel agent or the hotel directly if you have any questions or want to reconfirm or alter your travel plans.

What measures have been taken to ensure safety

The Tri Forces along with the Police have been deployed across the island and security has been ramped up at all affected areas.

Who will help me locate missing friends and family?

Sri Lanka Tourism is working with all hotels and all branches of government to ensure that you have the help you need. Call 1912 or +94 2382209 for assistance

What if I lost my passport and/or luggage during the emergency evaluations?

Please contact 1912 or +94 2382209 for immediate assistance

Are there restrictions on public movement?

No all the roads are open. All restaurants, shopping malls, Museums, Bars, Cafes, boutiques and other commercial, government and private establishments are all open. It is business as usual in Sri Lanka

Are the tourist attractions closed?

All tourist attractions and hotels are open and operational. Security forces are deployed all over the island and extra precautions are being taken for important tourist sites. A new safety briefing has also been issued to hotel operators.

What about major beaches and cultural tourist sites in Sri Lanka?

All the popular beaches in the South of Sri Lanka, the Cultural Triangle, Galle Heritage City, Trincomalee, Pasikuda, Arugambay, Jaffna in the North, and all Wildlife parks are open for business and unaffected by the terror attacks.

How vulnerable is Sri Lanka against international terrorist threats?

Sri Lanka’s national security has never been threatened by external terror groups before this attack on its churches and city hotels. International terror groups are not known to have a base in Sri Lanka. The scale and nature of this attack is inconsistent with any of our previous domestic incidents.

Have the authorities identified the perpetrators?

So far 24 suspects have been arrested and a committee has been appointed to conclude investigations swiftly. The investigation is ongoing.

Has a police curfew been imposed? What does a Curfew mean for travelers?

Sri Lankan Authorities declared a curfew in the immediate aftermath of the attacks that lasted until 6 AM the following day and another curfew was declared from 8 PM to 4 AM on the 22nd April. The curfews were declared to aide in the arrest of suspects, 24 suspects have been arrested so far and with the swift action of the security forces, we will receive more information soon on the ongoing investigations.

The curfews are an immediate response plan and the situation is expected to return to normal soon.

Can travelers to get to the airport during the curfew

Yes, anyone can to the airport during curfew by presenting their airline tickets and passports at the police checkpoints. Travelers must have valid airline ticket and passport.

Curfew passes are also available at all tourist police points, contact 1912 for information on your nearest Tourist Police checkpoint.

If you are staying at a hotel please make inquiries with reception.

How can travelers get to the airport during the curfew?

If you are staying at a hotel – please contact the hotel help desk to pre order cabs Please call 1912 for information on obtaining a vehicle with a curfew pass.

How early should I report to the airport?

For your comfort and safety, It is important to plan to arrive at the airport at least 4 hours ahead of your flight.

How can I get information about safety, family members, new travel considerations etc?

Emergency local and international hotlines have been set up to assist any traveler impacted by the attacks or any tourist seeking more information on the current situation.

Tourist Board local hotline – 1912

Tourist Board international dialing- +94 11 2426900

Foreign Ministry hotline - +94 11 2323015

Airport hotline - +94 11 2358800

Tourist Police - +94 112382209

What is the impact of local transport in Sri Lanka in general?

If you have booked a chauffeur service with a local tour operator, your travel itinerary will remain unaffected. If you are relying on public transport, majority of local transport options are fully operational. You will also have full access to airport cab services and other local operators like UBER.

What do I do if I have already booked a tour to Sri Lanka?

We encourage you to continue with your travel plans to Sri Lanka, all facilities are fully operational and optimum security is in place to ensure for your safety. If you would like to make changes to your itinerary, please speak to your hotel representative and airline for the postponement of your travel dates. All local transport, establishments, and hotels are fully operational. If you want to make a cancellation, check your Hotel and Airlines’ altered cancellation policy in lieu of the current situation.

What if I arrive at the airport while there is a curfew?

The airport cabs will have curfew passes, please present your ticket & passport at all security check points

There are 2 free shuttle busses that will take you to Colombo city and Negombo Please make inquiries at the Sri Lanka Tourism Help Desk at the airport or call 1912 or +94 2382209 for assistance

Is Sri Lanka safe for travelers now?

The Government of Sri Lanka has deployed the Tri Forces across the island to ensure that security is ramped up for the security of citizens and travelers. The police are on high alert. Every measure is being taken to ensure that you are safe, reassured and able to enjoy your holiday with us.

Do police checkpoints mean there is a heightened security risk?

Police checkpoints have been deployed across the island for your safety.

What does the social media ban mean?

The temporary social media ban is in place to mitigate the spread of fake news. The temporary ban will be revoked as soon as the ongoing investigations will reveal more information.

Are there any helpdesks set up to deal with the current situation?

Emergency local hotline number to assist all tourists currently in Sri Lanka 1912 
Emergency hotline to assist families of affected foreign nationals +94 11 2252411 or +94 11 2252861 Ext 3359

TOURIST BOARD hotline for information +94 11 2426900 or 1912

The Tourist Board have active help desks at all three affected Hotels, all hospitals, the airport and at the various SLTPB brand offices including our head office in Colombo and our over seas missions.

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