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The Road Show of Sri Lanka Tourism.

( Posted on June 14, 2016 )

The Road Show of Sri Lanka Tourism ended with success on 7 June, 2016. Sri Lanka Tourism and the representatives of Sri Lankan travel agencies visited Korea, and introduced tourist attractions and vision of Sri Lanka to the travel industry and media of Korea. Also B2B consulting was provided in the event.

Road_Show_Sri Lanka_Tourism

The Road Show of Sri Lanka Tourism

The ambassador of the Embassy of Sri Lanka, Manisha Gunasekera, had an interview with Korean media. "Currently not many Korean tourists visit Sri Lanka since direct flights from Korea to Sri Lanka have recently been created. However, Sri Lanka has become one of popular countries to travel in China and Japan. We are focusing on promotion of tourism in Korea through participating in Korea World Travel Fair and Busan International Travel Fair, and in the planning stage to promote cooperatively with Korean Air which flies to Sri Lanka."

Road_Show_Sri Lanka_Tourism

Regarding the reason of increased percentage of tourists the ambassador mentioned "Now large-sized hotels are being constructed in Sri Lanka, so the accommodation will be increased by 60% throughout the country. Also new airline routes to Europe will be added. Based on ample tourism infrastructure we will attract more tourists.

In closing, the ambassador said "Buddhism culture, Ceylon tea, and coconut oil are great things of Sri Lanka, as well; cinnamon, water sports, and whale watching are world's top level. Sri Lanka has many important factors as a popular tourist destination such as beautiful nature, beach, long history and culture, wild animals and UNESCO World Heritage. And the best thing is Sri Lankan people's kind attitude to welcome tourists." She emphasized that various aspects of Sri Lankan culture and tourism including cultural properties, food festival, traditional dance performance to celebrate the 40th Korea-Sri Lanka relations will be introduced.

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