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Sri Lanka Tourism celebrate 'World Tourism Day' to upgrade industry competitiveness

( Posted on September 29, 2015 )

Backward integration with Colombo University


Sri Lanka Tourism engraved ' World Tourism Day 2015' with purpose by a backward integration partnership with Colombo University Economic faculty that conducts the Masters and Postgraduate programes for Tourism and Hotel Management under the leadership of Cabinet minister and Minister for Tourism development and Christian Affairs Hon John Amaratunga at the BMICH. The partnership is sustainable given that it is a tripartite partnership between Sri Lanka Tourism, the University of Colombo and the Private sector- Sri Lanka inbound tour opeartors( SLITO), the Hotel Association of Sri Lanka  (THASL) and Association of small and medium enterprises in tourism ( ASMET) said Minister Amaratunga. On behalf of Colombo University Rev W. Wimalaratne- Head of Economics and Founder/Coordinator for the Masters in Tourism programme Dr. D. A Silva was present. 


Let us now identify the key issues the industry is facing and request the best brains in the country to recommend the strategies and best practices we must implement to make this industry be more competitive globally said Minister Ameratunga.



Letters of intent being signed by the Chairman Sri Lanka Tourism Bureau Dr. Rohantha Athukorala and University of Colombo Economic Faculty Founder of Tourism masters Dr D. S Suranga. SLITO past chairman Mahen Kariyawasam and THASL Vice President Asoka Hettigoda, Sam Teegel on behalf of ASMET signed for the private sector.



 Rev W. Wimalaratne- Head of Economics University of Colombo, Founder/Coordinator for the Masters in Tourism programme Dr. D. A Silva present whilst the Chairman Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions bureau Dr Rohantha Athukorala hand over the official docket on the project to the Minister for Tourism Development and Christian Affairs Hon. John Ameratunga.


The Chairman Sri Lanka a Promotions Bureau Dr Rohantha Athukorala who orchestrated the partnership Dr Silva the Founder and coordinator of the Tourism Masters programme said ' the tourism business is the most competitive and dynamic industry one can work as it is to do with people's leisure and their behaviour. Hence, this keeps changing daily where people are seeking new experiences in their life. This in turn demands the industry to change accordingly.  If we do not, we will loose our competitiveness. Which is where the Colombo University will help us  bridge this gap. This makes the celebration of Worlds Tourism Day very purposeful he said.


Universities globally are  organisations that perform a key role within contemporary society by educating large proportions of the population and generating knowledge but many universities have taken action to develop a ‘third mission’ by fostering links with knowledge users and facilitating technology transfer. The latter is what we are interested in and the private sector tourism chambers- SLITO, THASL and ASMET will be the key stakeholders in the partnership said Athukorala. 

The key issues that were identified and shared at the World Tourism day with the university of Colombo were as follows: - Strategies for better management of traffic in wildlife parks


Are the tourist arrival numbers right - case study in Sri Lanka, Building a destination brand in the digital age, Importance hygiene and sanitation when a country attracts top end visitors, Can Sigiriya the 8th wonder be better marketers. Is casinos the best way to attract the top dollar tourist, the need for the Tourism master plan for Sri Lanka, The HR issue in the hospitality industry of Sri Lanka , Why has the Tourism industry not grown like the tea and apparel industry of Sri Lanka, Do Chinese tourist increase the crime rate in a country - case study of Sri Lanka


Should Sri Lanka focus on Golf Tourism? How to moderate online booking companies operating is Sri Lanka, Halal tourism will it work in Sri Lanka? A structured process of new product development for the tourism industry, What is carrying capacity in the Tourism industry?Is there a future for Charters to work in the Sri Lanka's tourism sector, The relationship between infrastructure development and tourist arrivals in a country just to name a few.


All copy research topics that has been approved by the senate will be available at the Sri Lanka Tourism library so that it can be used by the private sector which I will personally monitor commented Dr Athukorala.



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