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Sri Lanka focus on South Korea's 14 million outbound market

( Posted on September 28, 2015 )

South Korea ranked as one of Asia's 'economic tigers' with per capita GDP rising to around around US$23,000 which has made international travel possible for a larger numbers of people which is where Sri Lanka is focussing said Dr Rohantha Athukorala Chairman Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau addressing a 16 member South Korean Tour group at OZO hotel yesterday. I thank the 36 Sri Lankan Destination Marketing Companies( DMC's) who came for the B2B sessions. Let's make this market 50,000 visitors from the current 13,000 he said.


                                     The chairman Sri Lanka Tourism promotions profiling Sri Lanka Tourism and the pitch



Hanjinn Tour operator at the Q and A sessions at the Sri Lankan road show 


 A top South Korean delegation of 16 that came on a familiaralisation tour to Sri Lanka 


The record 14 million trips last year was equivalent to one in four of the population - at an outbound travel intensity of 26%. This is substantially higher than that in Japan (13%) but is rather low by world standards, in relation to GDP per capita said Athukorala but we in Sri Lanka must target the $250 traveller than just numbers



 The 36 professionals from Sri Lankan Destination Marketing companies( DMCs) looking for partnerships


International travel expenditure (excluding transport) fell from a peak of US$22.0 bn in 2008 to just US$15 bn in 2009, and has since recovered only partially, to US$20.1 bn. UNWTO ranked South Korea 14th in the world on this basis in 2007, but 17th in 2009, 26th in 2010, 22nd in 2011 and 21st in 2012.


The great majority of trips are to Asian destinations - the top 12 destinations are all Asian, with the exception of the USA. Europe is still regarded by most people as a 'once in a lifetime' destination and attracts fewer than 1mn Koreans a year. However, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and the UK usually rank among the top 25 destinations and industry players believe the growth potential for island nations like Sri Lanka as an exotic destination.



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