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Sri Lanka Tourism launch 200 million new brand building strategy

( Posted on June 3, 2015 )

                                                                                 Global communication partner after 6 years for SL

The Global Conference on on-board services conference staged at Hilton Hotel sponsored by Sri Lankan Airlines under the leadership of its new chairman Rakitha Jayawardena garnered the top sixty delegates from around the world the Chairman Sri Lanka Tourism Rohantha Athukorala announced that given the Marketing Plan launched across the key strategic markets globally in partnership with  SLITO and THASL, Sri Lanka Tourism will launch a 200 million rupee new brand building strategy by recruiting a top global communication partner after a lapse of 6 years.The chairman said on the direction of Hon. Minister Sports and Tourism Naveen Dissanayake and approved by the Ministry of Sports and Tourism and the high calibre Board of Directors of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau that this decision was taken. I thank all who have worked tirelessly in the last four months to launch the search for the new global communication partner said Chairman Athukorala.  

Sri Lanka to launch the selection of a new global communication partner- Chairman Athukorala at the APOT Global Conference staged at The Hilton, Sri Lanka.

Athukorala one of the award winning marketers of Sri Lanka said how successful places focus on delivering emotional and social benefits. They are concerned by how they will make people feel, rather than relying on boring lists, facts and details.  We are destination Marketers haven't been using all the tools available to us in today's world because we assume that consumers make decisions rationally. While the rational, or 'thinking' part of the brain does play a role, it's most often there to simply validate, or put into words a decision that our subconscious mind has already made for us. "In order to reach 'thinking' brain, our messages need to first pass the older parts of our brain, the parts that are far more primal and emotionally oriented said Athukorala detecting the thinking behind chanting the DNA of tourism Sri Lanka and the challenge for the communication partner that Sri Lanka tourism is going to invest 200 million rupees as the country targets a new wave of tourist globally.

The Chairman Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau went on to say that how many places still try to promote themselves by using uninteresting lists of local attractions, businesses and services whilst the new strategy will be more on the heritage and culture of the country that is strongly linked to the people of huge country. Let's see how things pan out but we want the new strategy in place within three months that include production time voiced Athukorala.

As a case in point Athukorala then explained how the campaign Brand USA- America's first global tourism campaign used a rational approach to selling the USA against foreigner cynicism, especially regarding U.S. foreign policy and immigration restrictions but by using a completely non-verbal, emotional approach, the campaign has surpassed target goals he challenged the August community to reexamine their own company's marketing communications if it was aimed at the “thinking” or the “feeling” parts of your customers’ brains?

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