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Sri Lanka Tourism tie up with National Craft Council for Global Promotions

( Posted on April 1, 2015 )

The tourism industry of Sri Lanka belongs to every Sri Lankan and everyone of us must contribute to

   building brand Sri Lanka Globally" 


                             - Rohantha Athukorala - Chairman Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau 


With overall visitor arrivals clocking +11.6% as at end February 2015, In a visionary move of really powering the treasures of the country globally, Sri Lanka Tourism and the National Craft Council tied up for a unique world wide promotional tie up to be done in unison so that the real power of brand Sri Lanka can be show cased to the world. The Chairman Sri Lanka Tourism Rohantha Athukorala said ' with the this tie up the best handicraft artisans will have the opportunity to show case their skill set to the world by way of being present at the 47 top global Tourism and Travel exhibitions that Sri Lanka Tourism will be attending in 2015". The chairman of National Handicraft Council respected veteran Buddi Keerthisena commented " this is a historic occasion given that all most all handicraft artisans are SMEs and micro industrial enterpreuners and with this partnership all of them will have access to the global economy" he said.


                   The Chairman National Craft Council and Chairman Sri Lanka Tourism Rohantha Athukorala


The handicraft industry of Sri Lanka is the pivotal organization that foster the traditional values of the country by way of training and developing handicraft artisans across the country and then around fifteen percent only, have the ability to be available at top end outlets like Laksala. With this partnership we can further develop this industry given the access to the global market voiced mr. Keerthisena. 


The brand value of Sri Lanka is around 61 billion dollars up thirty percent over last year and Sri Lanka tourism chairman Athukorala said this year, it can targeted to be around eighty billion in 2015 as per a Nation a Brand Finance (UK) which means that Sri Lanka can attract better quality tourist, top dollar investments and higher value on the export merchandise he said. With this partnership in a typical Sri Lankan Pavilion apart from the travel and tourism trade participants now we have a " Ceylon Tea Boutique" - a 1 billion rupee working partnership between Sri Lanka tourism and tea board that was inked last month and now extended to show case 'live 

' handicraft artisan at work which gives an opportunity  for a global consumer experience all facets off Sri Lanka as per the Nation Brand building model of Simon Anholt said Athukorala.


                       Ceylon tea single origin tea boutique at the MITT- top travel fair in Moscow last week


                             The ceylon tea boutique in Gothemburg travel fair in Sweden last week


The first show that the three prong attack can be tested will be the Arabian Travel Mart(ATM) in Dubai this May and simultaneously at the Sri Lankan pavillion at World expo 2015 in Milan. From the initial dip test we did at the Moscow and Gothemburg fair last week the feedback is very positive. Now we must formalize the partnership and make it systemic so that it becomes promotional policy in the future said chairman Athukorala.

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