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Sri Lanka Tourism Strategy - China 2015 launched with private sector

( Posted on April 1, 2015 )

The marketing strategy by Sri Lanka Tourism to the market China for 2015 was launched with a private- public partnership in the presence of   the Deputy Mission in Charge of the Sri Lankan embassy of the People Republic of China with the top 65 photographers from Shanghai photographic association capturing the beauty of Sri Lanka under the theme " Sri Lanka - beauty in my eyes". Today is unique as we have the key stakeholders from the private sector who operate the market China at the launch where together, we will firm up the Marketing Plan for China and continuously work together to make an impact to the market place said Chairman Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau Rohantha Athukorala.


                                                                             Section of the Gathering


The Chinese embassy of Sri Lanka Deputy head of mission Ren Faqiang Commented "I like the aggressive but focussed strategy of the Sri Lanka Tourism Tourism in the China market. It is well thought through and more over accountable for delivery of results, Already you are having access to 5 key markets and now that you are focussing on testing a market development programme on the Shi-shuan province is commendable given the accessibility for direct air travel between Chengdu and Colombo" he commented.


     Private Sector Mervyn Fernandopulle-ASMET, Chandra Wickramasinghe-SLITO, Shiromal Cooray- GSA China Air,

                                                                  Managing. Director SLTPB-Milanka Gajanayake


The chairman SLTPB Rohantha Athukorala voiced " if we can build the new markets in china like Sichuan province which has 90 million people and 2 million who travel overseas to come to Sri Lanka, we operate 7 flights a week from the current 5 will be ideal so that specific hotels can be targeted in line with the interests and requirements of the target group. As at end February the tourist arrivals from China registers a growth of 85.7% over last year and is poised to be a the number 2 market in the Sri Lankan portfolio.


              Chinese embassy of Sri Lanka Deputy head of mission Ren Faqiang, Sri Lanka tourism Promotions Bureau

                                 Chairman Rohantha Athukorala & President of Shanghai Photographic Association


Founder of ASMET vetaran tourism expert Mervin Fernandopulle mentioned that the need for  translators is key and it must be fast tracked if we are really going to make the experience positive to a Chinese traveller. Respected tourism personality and Managing Director for Jetwing Hotels Shiromal Cooray mentioned that " for the first time we see the detail marketing plan for the Chinese market and as the GSA for Air China in Sri Lanka I am pleased at the focussed development strategy that we are working to build the business in China. The market head for China at the Sri Lanka tourism promotion bureau Chinthaka Liyanarachchi stated in the Marketing Plan that a combination of above the line and below the line advertising, travel trade meets ups, focussed one to one meetings with the travel trade and media visits by Chinese journalists to current and new tourism products in Sri Lanka will be high lighted so that focussed deals can be linked with the private sector participants. Separately, join promotions with Air China and screen based marketing will also be implemented quipped the Director Marketing for Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau Madhubani Perera.


                          Director Marketing Madhubani Perera and Market Head - China for SLTPB  Chintaka Liyanarachchi


To make the launch event unique Sri Lanka Tourism on the recommendation of the foreign ministry flew down 65 key photographers from China in partnership with the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka of the People Republic of China where 650 photographs were captured during a 12 day tour of Sri Lanka and the best photos were uploaded to Chinese digital media WE CHAT and WEIBO. Earlier during the year Sri Lanka tourism launched the one million tree stories project with Miss World Rolene Strauss that reached one hundred million Chinese.

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