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Sri Lanka Tourism to "Celebrate Colombo" at CFW 2015

( Posted on March 23, 2015 )

Overall tourism arrivals spiking up by 16.7% to 165,541 arrivals in February 2015 with India growing by 14.1% and China by a staggering 165%, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau with some innovative and sharp marketing initiatives have decided to power the saught after event " Colombo Fashion Week' on the theme ' Celebrate Colombo".


The Sri Lanka Promotions Bureau Chairman Rohantha Athukorala commenting on same mentioned " The logic of the sponsorship endorsement is that the last airport traveller exit survey revealed that almost 65% of these who visited Sri Lanka spent time in the city- Colombo. We want take this insight and highlight the top six fine dining exclusive restaurants as well as six key visitor 'must see' to show case the vibrancy Colombo" under the theme " celebrate colombo".


To give some punch, the selected 6 restaurants will savour special menus and are taking down special orders for the guests at Colombo fashion week. Another highlight will be new mode of transport that guests can experience "the standing scooters" which gives affordable and safe travel to visitors around the city to be highlighted and will be available from the host hotel The Colombo Hilton said Ajay Sigh the founder and CEO of Colombo Fashion Week.



Separately, part of the celebration will be the biking community starting a ride from host hotel hilton on Sunday at 6am to cater to the fitness crazy Colombo residences that sure hypes up  the " Celebrate Colombo" theme stated the news report from the tourism bureau.


The Minister for Tourism and Sports Navin Dissanayake said that he congratulates Sri Lanka tourism bureau creativity and recommended that a similar launch to be done " Celebrate Galle" and then promote the event in key markets of china and India do that we attracts the younger Generation Indians and Chinese into Sri Lanka.


The popular tv channel "fashion tv" featuring this event under the theme 'celebrate Colombo' to the 300 million households in Europe gives context to Sri Lanka tourism partnering the event Athukorala strategically analyzed the sponsorship.


The founder and managing director Ajay Singh stated that he is pleasantly surprised at the stance new stance of Sri Lanka tourism promotion bureau and was very pleased to do be part of the road show on the promotion of the ' Celebrate Colombo' next year in China which in fact can be an extension of the proposed partnership with 'shanghai fashion week'.


The Sri Lanka Tourism Bureau is targeting 200,000 visitors from china which will oust UK from the market portfolio in 2015 voiced The Chairman Dr Athukorala.

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