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The first stage of Raid Amazones 2022 concludes on a Successful Note

( Posted on March 23, 2022 )

The Raid Amazones 2022, the largest Sports Tourism event to be held in Sri Lanka after the Covid -19 pandemic successfully concluded on a positive and successful note creating exiting experiences and memories for both participants and the audience to take back home, and spread the message of the destination as a safe and a secure travel destination, renowned for its hospitality, unique locations, and the friendly smile of its people.  

600 participants are taking part in this adventure challenge which is held in two stages, where the first stage took place from 16 – 22 March 2022 while the second stage is scheduled to be held from 27 March – 6 April 2022.  The participants were able to get a unique experience getting a breath-taking view of the surroundings and engaging with the local community while they were on their adventure mission. The athletes were equally stunned by the unique hospitality and warm smile of the Sri Lankans and the simplicity of the simple rural life, and were more than happy to take part in the local activities which were organised specially for them, such as spending time with students of a local school, participating in a cooking demonstration and enjoying a game of cricket.  An international media crew has joined the Raid Amazones team specially to give a full coverage of the events taking place till the 6th of April 2022. The first stage featured 253 contestants and 63 staff, while the second round will feature 216 contestants, also including 63 staff members, and will include six doctors, a rescue crew, rescue swimmers, photographers and videographers.


bike and run

An ideal backdrop


The inauguration and the opening of the Raid Amazones 2022 started off under the patronage of Hon. Minister of Tourism, Prasanna Ranatunga, in Sigiriya . The first day of the event included trail running where they were able to explore the nature and the greenery around enjoying every moment of it as they participated in the event. On their arrival in Sigiriya , they were given a warm welcome at the Aliya resort, Sigiriya where they had the chance of enjoying a few cultural performances as well as the local hospitality. The 2nd day included canoeing in the lake, whereas the 3rd day consisted of the bike run, enjoying and admiring the picturesque scenery as they rode along, encouraged by the locals. On the 4th day the participants climbed up the ancient Sigiriya rock and were able to view the breath-taking surroundings far beyond and going on a safari, and exploring the exotic wildlife. This also included the activities looking for clues and answering questions in specific locations.  The 5th and final day included mountain biking and engaging with the local community at the same time. On the final day the participants were involved in a variety of adventure activities, and were given a medal each at the end of the tournament as a token of appreciation for their courageous participation. As it was the final day of the 1st stage, the female athletes posed for a group photo and as it was their final day and had to take the departure to the BIA the participants were rather emotional which showed how much they had enjoyed their stay in Sri Lanka. This once again confirms the definition of Sri Lanka as a paradise island, with its myriad of travel opportunities, easy accessibility of locations and the heart-warming smile of its people. The positive note which the first batch of participants in the Raid Amazones 2022 is of course bound to encourage interested travellers to select their ideal holiday destination. 


waiting to start

The final point

Having an enjoyable time


Raid Amazones is a popular annual adventure trail originating from France, where the event features French female athletes who compete their way through a range of challenges such as orienteering, mountain biking, canoeing, riding, running and archery typically against the backdrop of an exotic tourist destination. Therefore, the contest not only allows participants to put their skills to test but discover the unique landscape, people and culture of a given host country. This year’s event pays homage to Sri Lanka and its iconic Sigiriya rock fortress, the surrounding areas of which will play backdrop to the event. Sri Lankan Airlines emerges as the official Airline partner for Raid Amazones 2022, and have also decorated a special aircraft with artwork highlighting Sigirya, the thematic icon of this year’s edition. Raid Amazones 2022 comes up as a collaborative effort of several local partners, including Sri Lankan Airlines and the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau.

Expressions of unity and friendship



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