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Ampara | Kotaveheragala


The legend that surrounds the birth of King Dutugamunu relates a story of a novice monk, who lived in a temple called KotapabbathaVihara, who was building a road to the ‘AkasaChethiyta’ or the stupa in the sky. The monk had fallen gravely ill due to his exercise and was later transferred to ‘Seelapassaya Pirivena’, where at his death bed he was bade by the King of Rohana, Kawanthisa and his queen Maya to be born as their first son, after his demise.However the mythical and supernatural form of this story had not prevented the archeologists from searching the fabled ‘Kotaweheragala’ temple with a Stupa built on a mountain peak and Kotaweheragala in Yalpotha, Lahugala is a leading contender to be the fabled home of the novice monk, who was born again to save a nation. 


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