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Ampara | Veheragala Temple

Veheragala Temple

Deep in Mahaoya close to the hot water wells is an ancient monastery of the second century BC, which had been the abode of meditating monks even few decades ago.

The ruins of the ancient monastery spread across nearly 10 acres and had been savaged at various times in search of treasures and building material. The two stupas at the bottom of the rock plateau had been ravaged to a pile of rocks. Stone tablets made are found in site broken while the stone door frame had been stolen by relic hunters.  Closer to the stupa are the remain of a building including a moonstone or a sandakadapahana, six stone pillars,  entrance steps, stairway and the Korawakgal or stone balustrades.  Inside the building boundaries are stone seats, a stone sink and a replica of the Lord Buddha’s feet, the only remaining monuments within the monastery boundaries. 


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