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Kegalle | Asupini Ella

Asupini Ella

This waterfall situated in the Aranayake. The Name Asupini ella received from the historic story. According to the ancient tales, there was a king who had many queens. On his return from war, he assured them that he would give them a sign from the hills about the result of the war. He said, “If his soldiers waved a white flag over the hills, it would mean he was defeated and killed in action. But, if he waved his own flag bearing his crest, that he was victorious”. He won the war. But he waved white flag as a joke. His wives were so upset that they all committed suicide by jumping over the falls which inspired the name Ahupini, which is derived from 'Aswaya' (Horse), and 'Pini' or 'Panina' (Jump) which combined means "the horses jumped over the falls. 

this waterfall surround within beautiful environment, that give you to amazing scenic view and you have able to watch various birds in this environment. This is a one of good place to take photograph and bird watching.


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