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Trincomalee | Koneswaram Kovil

Koneswaram Kovil

The temple is situated atop Konesar Malai, a promontory from where overlooking of large body of Indian ocean, nearby eastern coast, as well as Gokarna bay. Konesvaram is revered as one the Pancha Ishwarams (five abodes) of Sri Lanka for long time. Being a major place for Hindu pilgrimage, it was labelled "Rome of the Gentiles/Pagans of the Orient" in some records. Koneswaram gains its name from the main deity of the temple, the Hindu God Shiva. Konesvaram played a main role in the religious and cultural history of Sri Lanka which was probably built during the reign of the early Cholas and the Five Dravidians of the Early Pandyan Kingdom. Developed from 205 BC. J.-C., the original kovil combined key features to form its basic Dravidian temple plan. A 17th century stone inscription in the temple indicates that the temple began its history in 1580 BC. Today the temple is one of the important religious buildings and is an archaeological site with rare emblems of the dynasties engraved in the temple stones. The complex was destroyed in the colonial religious attacks between 1622 and 1624 and a fort was built on the site of its debris. A built 1632 temple located far from the city is home to some of its original idols. The world interest was renewed following the discovery of its underwater and land ruins, sculptures and bronzes Chola by archaeologists and Arthur C. Clarke in 1950’s.


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