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Ampara | Dome Houses

Dome Houses

The dome shaped houses in Pottuvil built as a settlement for the tsunami affected is proving to be a solution to the hot and dry climate in Ampara while promising to be tsunami resistant. 

The story of these dome shaped housed village started way before the tsunami when the 280 families of Inspector Eatham were forced to leave their homes 1990 due to the war and scarcity of water. They were resettled in Komarai, where they faced the 2004 December tsunami, which forced to leave their adopted homes in search of shelter with relatives and friends. The fear of another tsunami led them to their old village where dire conditions like scarcity of water and lack of proper housing awaited them. 

These strange shaped dwelling celebrated for their versatility and the simplicity of the building process that requires minimum skilled labor and  building materials were built  following the destruction of nearly  12,000 houses by 2004 tsunami, which savaged the Eastern province of Sri Lanka as a solution to the challenging  situation of the members of Inspector Eatham community. 


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