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Ampara | The Dagger Clawed People

The Dagger Clawed People

From Sri Lanka’s little known past of folklore and jungle tales comes a story of hairy bodied, short and dagger clawed people known to many as Nittaewo.Although some claims that Nittaewo is amisperceptionof a monkey ora sloth bear, others are convinced that they must have been an early species of hominids or ape-men in and around Mahalenama, of the Eastern Province. During the first century AD, Pliny the Elder mentioned the existence of a ‘beast-men’ in Ceylon.More credible information on Nittaewo unearthed in 1886, when a British civil servant named Hugh Nevill reported information on a strange race called the Nittaewo, who inhabited the then inaccessible mountains of the southeast Sri Lanka.


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