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Ampara | Maduru Oya National Wildlife Park

Maduru Oya National Wildlife Park

Established under the Mahaweli development project as a catchment area of the Maduru Oya Reservoir and refuge for the herds of elephants, who were displaced by the irrigation project, Maduru Oya National Wildlife Park is rich in flora, fauna and cultural heritage. 

The park perimeters include five reservoirs Maduru Oya, Ulhitiya, Ratkinda, NDK reservoir, and Henanigala tank and are also fed by tributaries of Mahaweli and Maduru Oya rivers.

The park’s main attractions are the elephants, which there are about 200, who call Maduru Oya home. The other members of the fauna include sloth bear, leopard, water buffalo, toque monkey, common langur, Jackal, fishing cat, wild boar, Indian Muntjac, spotted deer, sambar, porcupine, black napped hare, Indian Pangolian, European otter and Grey slender Loris. 


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