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Bentota Beach

By Ira Ivanova, Feb 08 - 2014

  • Very Nice picture

    By Mingma Sherpa | Aug 20 - 2014 | 01:43:42 pm


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Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

The Golden Temple_2

The Golden Temple_1

Annual Festival of Nallur Kandasami Temple

Turtle Hatchery

Wilpattu National Park

Maduwanwala Walauwa

Devinuwara Temple

Devinuwara Vishnu dewalaya

Devinuwara Temple

Vesak festival at Gangaramaya, Colombo

Vesak festival at Gangaramaya, Colombo

Monument of Isurumuni Pem-Yuwala (Isurumuni lovers) (4-6 century AD)

Ancient ruins of "Panchavasa complex" in Anuradhapura

Beruwala Light House Island

Donra Light House


Bible's Rock

Hulu River

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