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Bandarawela | Rawana ella and Ravana falls

Rawana ella and Ravana falls

Ravana Ella and Ravana water fall both are located in the same place but, Ravana falls can’t be seen from the Main road because Ravana Falls is situated above the Ravana Ella. There has cave called Ravana ella cave and it is Located near to this Ravana Falls. 

This Name “Ravana Ella” received from, after the great king Ravana. According to the legend after the kidnapping sitha, ravana king brought her to this place and hid her at the cave behind the waterfall. Ravana Ella also known as “Bambaragama Ella” 

This Ravana Ella waterfall 40m in height and it flows to “Ho Oya”. 

This Ravana Ella and Ravana Falls surround with greenish environment. This gorgeous waterfall flows face to the main road, ella – wellawaya.


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