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Colombo | Beira Lake

Beira Lake

The lake is surrounded by many large businesses in the city. It occupied approximately 165 hectares of land 100 years ago, and has been reduced to mere 65 hectares today due to various reasons. You can stroll through the quiet alleys under the shade of the trees, scull on the lake on a swan-boat, visit the water-temple on the lake, cross the bridge to the island of lovers, or you can have some juice or tea nearby restaurants or shops. The trails just around Lake Beira and even the sidewalks on the road level have been beautifully done-up for a while now. The place is very green. It is a beautiful space to walk. Swan boat ride You can get swan boat (swan shaped boat) and take a ride on the lake for 30 minute. You can watch flock of ducks or giant-beaked birds on your boat ride. There has a giant bridge and it step onto small beautiful island. This island filled with loads of flowers and trees. Seema Malaka (Water temple) is the famous place of Beira Lake. The temple is a wonderful place for mind relaxing and it gives peaceful environment for Beira lake.


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