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Whale Watching in Mirissa

Mirissa is the new Trincomalee, with the whales, the gentle giants of the ocean and the dolphins parading their presence in the deep seas of Mirissa. 

Situated at the southern coast of Sri Lanka from beyond Mirissa coast lies the Indian Ocean its vast majesty right up to the Antarctic land mass. These amazing marine mammals migrate through these vast and fertile stretches from December to April during the annual breeding season. Mirissa itself is a quiet and peaceful coastal town boasting unspoiled beaches. Blue whales, Bryde´s whales, Sperm whales, Fin whales, bottle nose dolphins, common dolphins and spinner dolphins grace the waters of Southern Seas of Sri Lanka from Weligama to Mirrissa and can be found within just eight to ten nautical miles from Mirissa harbor

Setting off from Mirissa there is a 90% opportunity to come across Sperm whales and good pretty chance of sighting the Blue whale as well. There are believed to be around 26 different species of whales traversing this region and this includes the well-loved dolphin.


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