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Ratnapura | Budugala


Kaltota is situated between the Rathnapura Monaragala and Badulla districts. Administratively, it is owned by the Sabaragamuwa province. There is ample evidence that there was an ancient Kingdom at Kaltota. There was a Pandya king (believed to be King Wickremapandya of the 11th century) who had a son named ‘Kalathitha”. When the son got married the King allowed him to settle down and establish a Kingdom in the up country region. The prince had come to Kaltota at the river valley of ‘walawe’ to establish the Kingdom at Budugala and had ruled four years, thereafter. The area was named Kalathithapura. Later, the King of Anuradhapura invaded with an army to kill the prince and destroy his palace; who ultimately threw treasures like gems, gold, silver in to the river. 


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