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Anuradhapura | Aukana


This Buddha statue was carved during the reign of king Datusena in the 5th century. Height of this Buddha statue is more than 40 feet (12 m) and resting on beautiful lotus stone pedestal. This amazing Buddha statue carved according to the asisa mudra and this statue has built in a mathematical way. That is, when rainy days you can see drops of water that falling from the point of nose straightly down to the center of between lord Buddha’s feet. It demonstrates erect of this statue. This statue carved out of the single rock.

The statue had been located within a large image house or shrine, of which parts of the walls still remain. The structure was made of brick and stone, and was 74 feet (23 m) long and 63 feet (19 m) wide.

This aukana statue face to splendorous Kala wewa (tank) reservoir. There have various caves around the statue.

  • Entrance Fees : 10 USD


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