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Ampara | Habuthala Viharaya or Tharulengala Monastery

Habuthala Viharaya or Tharulengala Monastery

Few hundred meters away from the Karandahela reservoir in the corner of Hulannuge is HabuthalaViharaya or Tharulengala Forest Hermitage.Built before the second century BC by King Kawanthissa on a 633 feet tall hillock and developed constantly throughout theEastern history the monastery is home to some of thelargest drip ledged caves in the country.This 512ft long drip ledged cave is 30ft broad and 82ft high at the highest point with eight levels in its interior. The signs of brick layered interiors and polished and cemented inner walls still remain within the cave indicating that the cave was utilised as worship or a gathering hall for the monks of the monastery. The time and origin of its construction is unknown as there are no inscriptions within discovered so far. 


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