W.K. Pearl Ranaweera
Mobile +94 777 364 185
Phone +9491-2224226
Email pearlr@sltnet.lk
Languages German
Address 443/2 A, Wackwella Road, Galle

A resident of the world heritage town of Galle, Pearl Ranaweera, has handled over 500 tours to date and is a German speaking guide who has worked with the first LTU top 100 Group. 

Pearl has gone on tours with special bird watching groups, special educational tours and tours on ships and also had the opportunity to guide German parliamentarians and an Olympic advisor to Germany.

 A love of meeting people from different parts of the world, developed in to an interest in and a career in travel and tourism, prompted Pearl to follow a Diploma in Tourism at the Sri Lanka Technical College and go on to study hospitality at the Hotel School. For Pearl tourism is a “Never ending journey” and he is determined to work “As long as I am fit and able to” and goes on to enthuse “No one will ever want to stop working in this lovely field”.

 Pearl works with Hemtours, Travelation in the Matara area in the south and during his free time enjoys reading.