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Fox Hill Super Cross on 19th April 2014

Sri Lanka Military Academy conducts Fox Hill Super Cross to raise funds to elevate the infrastructure facilities of the Academy to be on par with other Military Academies in the region.

In year 1913, a British ship by the name of “HMS FOX” (HMS - Her Majesty’s Ship) docked at the Trincomalee Harbour for repairs and its crew visited Diyatalawa as there was a sanatorium for naval personnel of the Royal Navy’s East India Station. Seeing the panoramic beauty of the area, the Captain of the ship was fascinated with the idea of leaving the insignia of the ship on a prominent hillock to remember their visit to this beautiful town, Diyatalawa.

Thus there appeared on the face of the hillock as we see it today, the image of a fox with the name “HMS FOX” and the year “1913” out of white granite. The famous Fox Hill came into being in this manner.

The Fox Hill racing track is unique and holds a prominent place in Sri Lanka for its location, salubrious climes and attractive surrounding. It is greatly cherished by the racing drivers and riders for its challenging nature and loved by spectators for the entertainment and fun it offers them.

The roar of fine tuned engines will reverberate in the scenic hill station of Diyatalawa, home of the Sri Lanka Military Academy, once again on 19th April 2014 signalling that the 2014 battle for motor racing glory has begun in earnest.

Some 175 drivers and riders are expected to be registered for this iconic event organized by the Sri Lanka Military Academy (SLMA) and the Sri Lanka Auto-sports Drivers Association (SLADA). However, more than 200 drivers and riders including competitors from overseas are expected to show up on race day.

According to organizers two leading racing drivers from India have been invited and three top Indian riders are among the confirmed participations.

This year’s Fox Hill Super Cross comprises of 12 motor car and 14 motorcycle events approximately including the championship races which will be taken into account in awarding the Championship trophies to the country`s top drivers and riders at the end of the 2014 racing season.

The championship races are grouped as Group SL-GT up to 3500 cc and Group SL-H up to 1600 cc in the motor car category and Group MX-Racing Motocross bikes up to 125 cc 2 Stroke, up to 250 cc 4 stroke and Group MX-Racing Motocross up to 85 cc (under 16 years as at 31 December 2014) in the motorcycle category.

Trucks and Jeeps Diesel up to 5500 cc and Super Motored up to 2500 cc (2 stroke and 4 stroke) and cars up to 1500 cc in the special motor car category are among the other popular races that are expected to add to the thrills and enjoyment of the competition.

The organizing committee has said that all arrangements had been made for a spectacular and unforgettable racing event.

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